Submit a Request for Technology Help


To access the Help Desk, click here

Instructions for Accessing the Help Desk:

1. Click on the link above or go to .

2. An authentication window will appear. Type in your work email address along with your password. Example:

3. If this is your first time logging on, you will be prompted to Update your Information. Once that is finished, click Main menu to get to the main menu of the Help Desk Application.

To Submit a Workorder:

Click the "Submit New Problem" link on the Main Menu page. You will be taken to the "Submit a New Problem" page. Most of the information at the top should be filled in. Please make sure to select a category, and please edit the Location of the problem (usually the room number). After you have submitted a workorder, you should shortly receive a confirmation email as well as instructions on how to check the status of your workorder.